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“Dave is a tireless, driven visionary—truly a generational talent. He doesn’t know how to do anything but succeed.”


Meet Dave 

Meet Dave Ware, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and four-term president of the Mississippi Association of Nurse Anesthetists. He is founder and co-owner of Southern Anesthesia, which just celebrated its 20th year in business. Dave is a graduate of Jones College, The University of Southern Mississippi and Xavier University.


The Ward 4 Councilman and Vice-President is also a real estate developer specializing in historic preservation, having completed the rehabilitation of more than 50,000 square feet of property in the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood District (including Walthall Condominiums and the Tally House).  Dave has also served on the Board of Directors of United Way, R3SM, the HHNA, Hattiesburg Downtown Association and the Biloxi Diocese School Advisory Council.


Of all the hats that Dave has worn, he is most proud of his work serving the constituents of Ward 4 and City of Hattiesburg. “Through my work on the city council, I  have the opportunity to interact daily with business leaders in the area,” he said. “I value their contributions and as a businessman myself, understand the issues they face during challenging economic times.” 

As Ward 4 Councilman, Dave works tirelessly on the budget, helped institute the city’s transition to automated sanitation and curbside recycling, and led the transition to electronic City Council agendas. Ware worked with local developers to help make the rehabilitation of downtown buildings financially feasible, paving the way for the redevelopment of some of the largest buildings along Front Street.

He is also hands on with his approach in assisting neighborhood associations. “For me to be an effective City Council Representative, I need to hear directly from the community that I serve,” said Ware. “That means attending neighborhood association meetings, communicating directly with residents and listening to their concerns – especially when those concerns are related to crime and public safety.”

Effectively leading any organization requires vision, communication, and the ability to change course when needed. “During the course of my life, I’ve had the ability to mediate between individuals with differing points of view,” he said. “This ability to negotiate compromise has served me operating a business, making policy, assisting with historic preservation, and working with other leaders.”

Dave and his wife, Amy Jo, have 4 children and are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.


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Ready to Get Involved?

Now is the time to get involved! There are many ways you can help our team mobile to support our community and elect Dave Ware. Volunteering is for everyone regardless of political experience, age, and abilities. Find the way that's right for you to support the campaign!

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